The Gods books

What does it mean to be human when our technology is smarter than us?

The Gods is a collection of near-future science fiction novels that explore where technological and cultural trends will lead humanity in the coming decades. The're written as fast-paced adventures and contain thought-provoking insight into our real-world future. Look at the Books section to see what's available and what's next.

On these pages, you can explore the world in which The Gods unfolds. In Earth 2044, learn about the political tone in Washington, the well-planned strategy China follows to achieve primacy, or NASA's expensive and controversial Mars Station.

Discover fun facts in the Characters section. Did you know Sara worked for Dr. Okoye at the NSA’s Summer Intern Program for Science and Technology while a junior at MIT? (If you read Ji-min, you'll see they go back even further). You can even chat with Sara or Dylan thanks to AI-backed chatbot technology.

I write to tell an exciting story, but also to provoke thought about issues that have the potential to redefine human life. We Homo sapiens developed brains that excel at extrapolating linear phenomenon. Throw a stick at us and we can dodge it. We’re horrible at understanding exponential behavior, yet technological innovation is on an exponential path. How much did the world change from 1800 (the first battery) to 1895 (the first electric bicycle)? How about from 1901 (first radio waves sent across the Atlantic) to 1997 (Wi-Fi). How much has it changed in the last ten years? The phone you carry in your pocket — or on your wrist — would have seemed like ridiculous gadgetry to Roger Moore’s James Bond. Check out the Research section to read about some of the amazing real-life developments that inform my writing.

Our future is a product of our imagination and determination. Let's make it a good one.


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